What People Are Saying

These are various links to different articles and interviews concerning the NavajoKentuckians collaboration.

This is an interview for WFPL with Devin Katayama discussing the trip to the Navajo Nation.


Vice President Rex Lee Jim, Principal Houston Barber, and Fern Creek students and staff are recognized by the Jefferson County Public School Board for the “In the Garden of the Home God” conference and the NavajoKentuckians collaboration.

One of the leaders, Paul Barnwell, posted on his blog about the trip to the Navajo Nation.


Bread Loaf Teacher Network Journal writes about the thought process behind Food Literacy.


Also, in the Bread Loaf Teacher Network Journal, Brent Peters wrote about the conference in Arizona.

3 thoughts on “What People Are Saying

  1. I really applaud your realistic yet different approach to bringing students together and opening minds. I believe the world, as a whole ,stands to learn a lot from your program. No matter how we my differ, race, creed, nationality, religion, financial status. We all share I very real common need in food. We also need to understand how important it is and how it effects us all. I go to Cochise College in Sierra Vista Az. and we are going to work this program in our ENG 101A course. I look forward to this experience. Good luck to you all!

  2. I saw your inspiring presentation at the NCTE Convention in DC last month. I immediately went home and drafted a 3 week Food Lit Unit for my students based on your course curriculum. We are in the final week of the unit, and the whole experience has been incredible. The level of student engagement and buy-in has been extremely high, and the activities are interesting, complex, and thought-provoking. Thank you so much for sharing your work and incredible ideas. I would love to see an entire course like this in every school!

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