The Relationship

On February 26, 2013, several students and staff from Fern Creek High School embarked on a life changing journey. Earlier in late 2012, Brent Peters, an English and Food Lit. teacher sat in a room with Rex Lee Jim, the vice president of the Navajo Nation, and discussed the philosophy behind the class Food Lit. Vice President Jim was intrigued and invited Brent, his fellow teacher Joe Franzen and a group of students to visit the Navajo Nation to hold a conference on Food Lit. called “In the Garden of the Home God”. Through the conference, students and teachers from both parties have built strong bonds. This is that story.

As the author, I recommend that anyone new to the site visit the “The Conferences” tab first. It is a recollection of both trips taken through this collaboration. It is in reverse chronological order, so scroll all the way to the bottom to read from the beggining. Also click the “See Comments” text at the bottom of the posts to see students reactions to the trip. Next, visit the “Student Work” page and see the videos that the students have made. When you are finished, visit the “Guest Book” tab and leave a comment with your thoughts. Feel free to use that as a conversation point with me or any of the participants of the trip. Also feel free to contact me or any of the leaders of the trip. Our emails are found in a box on the right side of this page.
Thank you for your thoughts and I personally hope you are as inspired as I am! – Devin Brown

Short note from the producer of this short film; It was such an amazing opportunity to be invited on this trip. I truly had a wonderful time getting to know each and every person I met while staying in the Navajo Nation and especially the students who returned to Louisville. I am challenged everyday to find ways to tell a story and capture a moment and the students from the Navajo Nation really challenged my thinking and my abilities in ways I never would have expected. Thank you to everyone who was involved with making this trip a possibility, thank you to everyone who helped me throughout the process of making this short film & thank you to those who have yet to be recognized for commendable efforts to push boundaries and intrigue students. I genuinely appreciate all of you. Thank you. – Courtney

This video was published through the Bread Loaf Teacher Network. Video by Ed Dooley. Some photos by Devin Brown and Courtney Ellis.

13 thoughts on “The Relationship

  1. This was very good for our Navajo Students. Our students came home realizing that there is life and people beyond the reservation. People that are willing to reach out to them, to embrace them, to teach them and to share their knowledge and life style with them. I hope our children remember and use this experience to take chances at new things. New positive things that will help them become better and productive citizens in the world.

    • Thank you Vernice. The Kentucky students were just as enlightened by the trip as the Navajo Students were. It has been such a great opportunity for all of us, and I cannot wait for what will happen next!

  2. Very inspirational and to educate everyone on maintaining a balance diet to live a heathy lifestyle. Stop the pop to live the extra mile.

  3. This is one of the most amazing projects I have ever seen. It’s an inspiration to the students and teachers in Andover Bread Loaf and the Bread Loaf Teacher Network. Such brilliant and compassionate youth!

  4. Just read all these comments and makes me proud that people appreciate our work and studies. This collaboration has meant a lot to me and still does and it makes me want to do a lot more presentations to anybody and everyone who wants to hear what the Navajo Kentuckians have to say! Thank You for you support! – Tyson Yazzie

  5. so I’m looking at al these comments we have right now, and its really amazing how we can inspire so many people through out our communities. i know I’ve mentioned this before but in my blogs. it just really amazes me.

    • Courtney…It is amazing to see how fast awareness can spread….thank you for joining this pursuit in making a difference in our comunity

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