Student Work

 These are the videos made by the students during the second trip:

Food Choice- Avery, Paige, Harleigh, and Devin

Food and Poverty- Twila, Darla, Irvin, and John

Bringing it Home- Treasure, Eva, Danielle, and Azariah

Bad Food and Food and Disease- Tyson, Sydney, and Spencer

Food and Education- Kaylie, Sydney, Brent, and Rodney

These are the poems made during the first trip during the Ceci Lewis and Rex Lee Jim presentation:

Sacred Traditions Taught with Laughter, Love, and Joy

“We come together to prepare our meal,
We come together to share the faith.
We come together to sing a prayer for the food.
We come together to laugh and share the love.”
We are content with leftover surprises.
Through teamwork and smiles


It all starts at home,
With the planting of a seed.
Family tend the little sprout
For it to survive, it needs to be fed
Light allows it to spread its leave.
Love, air, water, dirt, weeding, and protection.
From blossoms come thanks, an offering for the attention
To move on, a sacrifice must be made
A piece passed forward full of memories to be repeated.


It all began some place,
At some time with some common purposed.
From childhood memories of bringing the rain
Through spiritual rituals.
To create richness and natural nutrients from
Pure innocence and positive outlook
Of childhood happiness.
Learning from observation an utilizing the
As a child, I took my first right footstep
To sing and pray in a humble way.
Prayer of humility.
Into my grandfather’s field
We pray for rain,
We pray for our family,
We pray for life….
(song for the plants sun here)
Tradition must be learned.
It can begin at any time or any place.

Coming Home

Chicken and dumplings

Hole in the ground
Once a year
Ears of corn


We really like mustard because it’s grainy
And has the consistency of sand.
We really like peanuts because
They send us to the hospital
With swollen throats and fat tongues.
We really like sliced tomatoes because
They’re mushy and difficult
To work with.
We really hate chicken because
It goes with everything
And you can do anything
With it.
We really hate chocolate because
It’s sweet and it
Melts in your mouth.
We really hate chocolate chip cookies because
They’re delicious.

5 thoughts on “Student Work

  1. This trip has meant a lot to me. I am glad to be able to see all of our hard work and determination in a video. This is proof that we are actually doing important things and making a difference.

    ~Johnathan Schnyder

  2. i think these all turned out really well. They all were really informative and its cool to look at these and hear all the different stories and see all the pictures.

  3. These are powerful pieces that clearly demonstrate the impact this relationship has had on its members. More importantly, however, is the power that these videos and your knowledge can and will have on the world! It is so important that we get the word out about this work you all are doing! Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with me.

  4. Just discovered these pieces of work! It was great to hear reflections and advice.

    I was definitely not a fan of pinterest until my mom introduced me to the recipes section. One weekend I made three recipes based on food I had at home that I needed to use up before they went bad. Plus let’s face it I had become a little unoriginal in my cooking and was getting bored with the same old recipes. Well, potato soup was made along with a chicken pasta dish based on recipes from pinterest. My love of cooking has been revived! AND this is a great way to get ideas for seasonal foods, like when you just don’t know what to do with all that zucchini!!!!

    Also, I have noticed propaganda for healthy food lately! Kroger has been mailing me flyers introducing me to their local nurseries along with Purnell’s sausage company in Simpsonville, KY, Field and Fisher based out of Owensboro, KY who supply ham, and Ramsey Popcorn Co. from Harrison County, Indiana. I am happy to see a big box store supporting locals. McDonalds has also been busy advertising check this out:

  5. I can really relate to students that go for the food that’s more convenient and quick to heat up. It’s an on going struggle to try to convince my parents that there are healthier options that can be affordable, one just has to really want to make a change for the better in their diet. Whenever there is fruits and vegetables in the house I do reach out for those as snacks, and tell myself not to eat so much food that is processed. I like the message that these videos are portraying, good work!

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