Najavo Kentuckians at NIHB

The NavajoKentuckians recently traveled to Billings, Montana for the International Indian Health Service Conference. As young adults we love to travel, view, visit, and tell people about who we are as NavajoKentuckians, and many people told us how inspiring our message was. We were also inspired by stories of change many had achieved–or strove for–in their communities.

I will keep the people I met and their stories in my heart, but one in particular stuck in my heart and mind: The Alaskan Teenage Suicide Prevention Help Line (ATSPL). This help line got 1,130,192 calls from teenagers in need of help. Projects like this left me with a sense of encouragement to do ANYTHING in order to create positive change in our communities. And just for those of you who are thinking will you keep in touch with this movement? No worries, as the NavajoKentuckians are keeping in touch with the ATSPL with hopes to have a full on collaboration!

As always, good things have to come to end. Now, I don’t feel sad–The NavajoKentuckians left Billings with a change of heart and new ideas. We left with new knowledge to teach our communities about positive change relating to health. I’ve had a lot of time to think about this trip, and this is why I’m writing this to you all now. I’ve come to a conclusion or final thought that no matter the age, ethnicity, gender, who you know or who you don’t know is NOT AN EXCUSE or reason to stop you from wanting or helping your community, your people, and even yourself as a person…

-Courtney Jones, student at Window Rock High School (AZ)