Twin Arrows Native Innovation Conference

On June 27-29 the Students from the Navajo Reservation went on a trip to Navajo Nation Twin Arrows Resort near Flagstaff Arizona. The conference was based on what the Navajo Kentuckians did in the past few workshops. Darla Fred, Twila Lee, Avery Charley, Tyson Yazzie, Eva Nez, Danielle Joe, and Harleigh Descheney presented to representatives from multiple schools on the reservation, as well as parents and school administrators about what the students learned and about how much more aware they have become since discovering that drought and health concerns were not just in one place and have a great effect on the community but also how the community can come together and make a difference.

One thought on “Twin Arrows Native Innovation Conference

  1. Had an awesome time there. Met a lot of really friendly cool people. And we got a lot of good feedback from the crowd.

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