Questions for Food Literacy Across Culture

Thank you guys so much for attending, and continuing this conversation with us.

Question 1: Tell us your food story.

Question 2: Why is food literacy important?

Question 3: What is good food?

Also feel free to ask us questions, and we will respond.

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NavajoKentuckians at Middlebury

Saturday, October 5, NavajoKentuckians will be presenting at Middlebury College in “NavajoKentuckians Food Literacy Across Cultures”. Teachers Brent Peters, Joe Franzen, and Paul Barnwell will speak about the philosophy behind food lit., and lead conference goers through a mock lesson. Four students from the Navajo Nation (Darla, Twila, Avery, and Tyson) and four students from Kentucky (Courtney, Spencer, Irvin, and Devin) will be sharing the impacts of food lit. on their lives.

Come join us at 9:30 a.m. in the McCullough Social Space to hear the day’s presentations. NavajoKentuckians will begin presenting at 10:15 a.m. If you are unable to attend, an audio recordings of our presentation will be posted on the blog.
Thank you for all the support!

Twin Arrows Native Innovation Conference

On June 27-29 the Students from the Navajo Reservation went on a trip to Navajo Nation Twin Arrows Resort near Flagstaff Arizona. The conference was based on what the Navajo Kentuckians did in the past few workshops. Darla Fred, Twila Lee, Avery Charley, Tyson Yazzie, Eva Nez, Danielle Joe, and Harleigh Descheney presented to representatives from multiple schools on the reservation, as well as parents and school administrators about what the students learned and about how much more aware they have become since discovering that drought and health concerns were not just in one place and have a great effect on the community but also how the community can come together and make a difference.