Day 3- Bardstown Road Farmers Market and Work time

Day 3 was the final day for the Navajo Students in Kentucky. The group started the day at the Bardstown Rd. farmers market. They were able to mingle with people and discuss the work that they had been doing. After the farmers market, all students went back to Fern Creek where they began making video projects about the things they had learned throughout the course of the trip. Once projects were finished, students were able to enjoy eachothers company for the rest of the day. The day ended with a family dinner. All students were sad as final goodbyes were exchanged, realizing that what once was a collaboration of students became a family.

Questions for the students on the trip:

What connections were you starting to make as you visited the farmers market and worked to produce your final project?

How has the trip changed you since the end of the workshops?

Due to technical problems, the photos of day 3 were lost during the editing process.

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