Day 2- Field Day Family Farms, and Downtown Louisville

The third day was very exciting for the entire group. They started the day by having a delicious breakfast at Field Day Family Farms. After breakfast, the Food Literacy Project gave a presentation on food issues in Louisville, and their mission to educate people on the availability of healthy food. Then the group of students broke into three groups and rotated between making homemade pizza, planting potatoes, and interviewing the main farmer Ivor Chodkowski and the director of The Food Literacy Project, Angelique Perez. Once the groups were done rotating, they ate their homemade pizza’s. Then they got on the bus and headed downtown to 21 C. After a tour and discussion with the head chef at their restaurant, the group headed to the mayor’s office to present all the work that has been done through Food Lit. and The NavajoKentuckians collaboration. The Mayor was very excited for all the work that the students had done. After the mayors office, it was time for some fun. The group split into two groups- one went to Harvest Cafe and the other went to the Mayan Cafe. After delicious dinners and time for camaraderie, it was baseball time. The students visited Louisville Slugger Field for a Bats game. After a long day, students reluctantly retired to their hotel, closing the book on another eye-opening day.

Questions for the students on the trip:

Finish this sentence: Overall, the farm experience was…

What did you share with the Mayor about your personal connection to the NavajoKentuckians collaboration?

What was your key experience of the day? What connections did you make?

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