On April 24, the second half of “In the Garden of the Home God” commenced. After a long day of travel, the Navajo students reunited with the Kentucky students. They all enjoyed catching up over a delicious meal at Emma Lou’s Café. Although it was a short meeting, the next days were sure to be filled with excitement and adventure.

Questions for Students on the Trip:

What was your first thought after seeing the other group of students?

What were your goals for the return trip?

3 thoughts on “WELCOME TO KENTUCKY!

  1. Seeing their familiar faces was refreshing. It was like my first family reunion because believe it or not the food lit group and the navajo group are now my family . i was so pumped i could barely sleep the night before , and once they left i was restless barely being able to sleep because it was like i was separated from my family.

  2. It was so awesome sitting in the bus waiting for them and then we all just ran out and greeted them and gave them all huge hugs. I honestly did not want them to leave, I’ve grown close to people I never would have met and these people are now my family and this experience has been something that will impact my life forever. When I was leaving I was talking to my sister on the way home and I remember saying that I was sad because the students from the Navajo Nation were leaving and I didn’t want them to go, which is a big deal for me because as soon as we met all of them we clicked and it wasn’t awkward like i was expecting it to be and when they came here it was like I got to see my family again.

  3. Thank you for posting the pics and describing the events of the trip. My heart was with you all, even though I was not able to make it. I hope one day to travel to KY, see where those Louisville Sluggers are made and enjoy a great day of baseball, eat at the Maya Cafe and joke with all the folks I met here in AZ.
    Tonight’s sunset was filled with purple and blues that swirled around the blue blue sky and I thought of how much Devon would treasure the sight! Please know you all have to come back to AZ and visit the southern part of the state, too!

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