Day 2- Part One- Window Rock

On the first day in Arizona, the students woke to unforgettable experiences. The first experience: breakfast with Vice President Jim, and Mrs. Navajo Nation. The students, especially Treasure, were ecstatic when Mrs. Navajo Nation walked in the door. The breakfast consisted of Blue Corn Mush– a traditional Navajo dish– and Navajo Fry Bread. Delicous! We then ventured into the cold outdoors to tour the  Window Rock Navajo Tribal Park. Students beheld the famous Window Rock National Monument, Navajo Code Talkers Monument, and the wall of names of Navajo’s that fought in World War II. After that tour, the students ventured into the Navajo Capitol Building. They saw the Presidents office, Vice Presidents office, and the Treaty of 1968. Students were so excited as their former studies of Navajo History came to fruition right before their eyes. Students of the trip: How did it feel to see all these monuments that you had studied about?

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For more about the Tribal Park please visit:

For more about the Capitol Building and Government of the Navajo Nation and Code Talkers, please visit:

Photos courtesy of Courtney Ellis

2 thoughts on “Day 2- Part One- Window Rock

  1. What I most enjoyed day two was the magnificent start to the day. Meeting Miss Navajo made the adventure come alive as she expressed what it meant to her and even her culture as the applied for the position and completed the necessary tasks. On top of that tasting blue corn mush and listening to everyone go around the room to introduce themselves it really set the tone for sharing and learning from one another. All made easier, in my opinion, through sharing a meal and opening up conversation. That was my first experience with fry bread and there was to be much more to come!
    Visit the school, as a teacher myself, was like a kid in a candy store. I saw how the student representative interacted with their tourist. I saw what classroom looked like (decorated, students, lessons/ideas being taught/discovered), the general layout of the building and the esthetic of the hallways. Inspiration to bring back to my own school.

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