Day 1- The Airport

On an early February morning, 18 students, staff and affiliates of Fern Creek High School met at Louisville International Airport to embark on a journey to Tsaile, Arizona. We spent all day sitting in airports and on planes, all anticipating seeing the Navajo Nation for the first time. A short stop at Navajo Technical College for dinner and a tour of the campus’ kitchen and computer engineering school capped off the day. We stopped in Window Rock for the night. Although many were tired by the end of the day of travel, all were looking forward to the opportunities awaiting them only a short bus ride away. Students of the Trip: What were some of the things going through your head/ expectations for the trip during travel?

Photos courtesy of Courtney Ellis

6 thoughts on “Day 1- The Airport

  1. Things going through my head where vast and full of questions. Going on this trip, the only expectations I had was definitely the expectation to learn more than I already knew. That expectation was filled within the first hour there. This experince was eye opening, and I am excited about the arrival of the Navajo students on April 24th.

  2. During the trip I tried to keep an open mind about the things I was seeing but I can’t lie and say I expected to have to so much in commonn with the Navajo youth. I learned so much about their culture, lifestyles, and everyday lives that shockingly is similar to my own. I thought that we wouldn’t have any common ground or anything to talk about but turns out… They are a lot like us and I honestly believe I’ve formed friendships that will last a lifetime.

  3. I was terrified. I didn’t know what to expect. Flying was so dramatic, but I couldn’t wait to explore a new journey. When we stepped foot on such gorgeous place, I was so overwhelmed because it was amazing to put together the history and trials we read about and place it in its physical environment. Being in the presence of such greatness was an honor.

  4. I try to have an open mind about people and the habits they have. I was just expecting to see some beautiful landscape, and to experience some really cool things regarding food, culture, communities and architecture.

  5. I was ecstatic that everyone showed up on time and we had no issues outside of Sydney’s preparedness going through the airport. I was looking forward to experiencing a new culture, seeing the beautiful scenery and watching through the students eyes as they interpreted the new experience. It was definitely cool to have such reflective students!

  6. My biggest take away from the Navajo Nation is the realization that we are all similar and we all face many common problems. If we come together and face these problems as a team, we can make a change and better the world.

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